it's been a while...

... but instead of deleting 'to do's' from the list,
i've been creating a huge poster of all the images on this blog.
this blog started as a final task for my graphic course - which i'll present next week. the huge poster is part of the presentation...
i'll post the poster here soon. In the meantime, a little something...

maybe you've been worrying about the list... no need to worry:
 i will complete all the challenges on the list!  
i'm going to exceed the time limit, but that's no problem for me :)
I'll keep you up to date!


All night long (more or less..)

n°42 - done

n°22: check!

some weekends ago, we crossed the country by motorcycle.
it resulted in: excitement, chilly (the sun didn't reach us yet),
pain in some muscles and the realization that belgium has some beautiful sceneries.


n°17 (walk in a special forest): check

last friday, we went for a walk in de Kabouterkesberg (mountain of gnomes).

i remembered we went hiking in this forest when we were little,
and we saw a lot of gnomes popping up behind the trees. (or were it just red spots?)
now, it seemed so much smaller
but the roots were still impressive.

and apparently, the mountain was still full of life.
we noticed a red spot

and zoomed in:


4 courses: the dessert

and after dinner..